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Our Missions


 To Ensure  To Participate  To Educate  To Protect
 healthy breeding practices  in industry recording programs  and support Irish setter owners and breeders  future generations of the Irish setter
US CapitolIt is up to us as responsible dog owners and breeders to proactively educate the legislators so that when there are canine related issues within the community they look to us as the experts to help solve the perceived problem.

The first step in affecting legislation is to be outstanding examples of breeders, owners, club members by accepting our responsibilities in the canine community. We cannot be silent to the voices of those determined to affect not only dogs and the breeding of dogs but the value of dogs, their relationships with their owners and their importance to communities.

It is our responsibility to do all we can to educate the community, participate in our legislative process and be examples to our home towns, cities and states demonstrating responsible dog ownership. Unless we lead by example, we have little chance of protecting the future of dog ownership.

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Are you interested in learning more about our special breed? Do you want to experience the joy only an Irish can bring?

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