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One of the handsomest of all breeds, the elegant Irish Setter's distinctive look and personality make him one of the most recognizable and beloved sporting dogs.  Never before has this charming and much admired setter been covered in more depth and detail than in the Official Book of the Irish Setter.  Endorsed by the Irish Setter Club of America and written by past club president and award-winning author Connie Vanacore, this comprehensive and authoritative book will be appreciated by both experienced fanciers and newcomers alike.

The Official Book of the Irish Setter covers all facets of the breed, including its colorful and illustrious history in the show ring, its accomplishments in the field, and its popularity as a loving and personable family pet.  Illustrated with over 500 color photographs of top-winning and producing dogs, as well as many historical portraits and illustrations, this book is a valuable reference tool and collector's item for every Irish Setter lover.  The book includes information on the pioneers who spent their lives improving and promoting the breed today.  It also offers the Irish Setter owner advice on the care, grooming, health, and selection of the right dog for your family.

Approved by the Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.

Contents of the book include:
History of the Irish Setter, The Irish Setter Today, The Irish Setter Abroad, The Irish Setter Standard, The Illustrated Standard of the Irish Setter, The Irish Setter Club of America, Irish Setter Rescue, Irish Setters in the Field, Obedience and Agility, What Puppy Buyers Should Know, Health, Care and Management, and Grooming Your Irish Setter.

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