PuppiesBreeders are the most important members of this club. Breeders are like the marines. They lead the troops in the battle to defeat the enemies. Enemies like hip dysplasia, thyroid, retinal and other health problems which have plagued our breed. AmericasIrishSetterClub.com is instituting a new certification for breeders who commit to proper breeding practices to promote the health of the Irish setter. The Ethical Breeding Certification will be awarded to those breeders who not only take an oath to follow the highest of breeding practices, but follow those practices.

We also want to help our breeders in their efforts to place puppies and adults into the best possible environment whether it be a show home or a companion home. Our breeders will have access to the site to post their litters and the puppies produced so users of the system can search for breeders with available puppies. No more does someone have to pick up the phone and start the process of finding a puppy. We are also implementing a "Breeder of the Month" award being created to celebrate our breeders. Would you like to nominate a breeder you know. Click Here to make a nomination.

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