Trophy1AISC plans to hold multiple competitions throughout the year including a National Specialty. Our members will compete in Obedience, Agility, Field, and Conformation events. Our members plan to sponsor many annual awards honoring those dogs and individuals for their achievements for the years with presentations and medalions. We are grateful for their desire to do so. Use the links below to see the individuals, the dogs, and which awards were won by competition category. 

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 Annual Awards and Medallion Winners


 AISC Versatility Certification

The primary objective of the America's Irish Setter Club, Inc (AISC) Versatility Program is to demonstrate the Irish Setter’s hunting ability, reasonable 
obedience to the handler’s commands and to determine whether the overall breeding adheres to the Irish Setter Standard. Dog shows give the breeder an opportunity to demonstrate the progress made in breeding type and quality as outlined in the Standard. Companion events demonstrate the usefulness of the purebred dog as a companion to mankind. Field events are a demonstration of a sporting dog's ability to hunt in his natural environment, proving his natural instincts. 

 Versatility Certificats Awarded


Annual Specialty Awards

  • Obedience
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