boardroom"Necessity is the mother of all invention."  The Oxford Dictionary defines it as, "when the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it".  In this case, this statement could not be more true!

How it Began

There is much to share but it is most important to share with you about how this club and the website came into existence.  Those people who have been in the "Dog" world for several years, whether they are exhibitors or breeders will tell you there are serious health issues in virtually every breed in existence.  This could not be more true than here in this spectacular breed of the Irish Setter. From hip dysplasia, to autoimmune thyroiditis, to progressive retinal atrophy, dogs have suffered the pains and died because of poor breeding. For too long the most important thing has been to win and not protecting the future of these wonderful creatures. For too long the egos of people have taken precedent over preservation of historic bloodlines. A great example is noted in a recent CBS television report on the English Bulldog and it's possible extinction.

Now, a group of individuals are standing up and saying, "NO MORE", in the Irish Setter breed. No More to breeding to sell, breeding to win, breeding for egos.

The directors of the America's Irish Setter Club welcomes you to our new club and our new website. Who are we? We are one of the most diverse groups of individuals in the Irish Setter world. We are owners, breeders, and exhibitors of Irish Setters.  We are agility, conformation, and obedience competitors. We are a cross section of the United States and the North American continent  from Florida to Ohio to California and Texas to Canada. Some of us don't even own an Irish Setter but we are veterinarians and researches who care enough to stand up with us, uniting in an effort to change the emphasis from awards and ego to the health of the dog as our primary goal. Why do you not see any of us in the boardroom picture? Easy, because it is not about us. It is about the health of the breed.

All of this being said does not mean we do not enjoy seeing our dogs or all dogs compete because we do. It doesn't mean we no longer want to be members of other clubs, compete in their events, and participate in their membership.  Quite the opposite is true. We believe we must support all organizations in the realm of dogs, those organizations who are associated with competitions, organizations doing research, and those providing health care. We believe it will take all of us to make a difference, working together to make a difference.

So What About This Site?

There are over 100 separate databases and over 100 different views of those databases. These databases are used for lists of club officers, breeders, and so much more. The show placements are in databases so you can see all the Best In Show winners together by year. No longer will the show results for one year be in a separate word document or PDF. Board meeting minutes and highlight are in databases so you can look at minutes from past years. You will be able to see last years board as well as this years board members. 

A rich feature of our site is centered around the "Paperless" principle.  In the past, things like membership applications required the user to print out a form, fill it out, mail it, and wait for a response.  Now, AmericasIrish SetterClub.com has automated things like membership applications and rescue applications which are completely automated. Forms requiring payments are automatically redirected to a payment system to facilitate collection of membership fees and other application type payments. These features also eliminate returned checks and administrative costs. 

AmericasIrishSetterClub.com wants to celebrate the Irish Setter breed. On our "Videos" page you will not only find instructional and teaching videos, grooming videos, and training videos, you also just find videos like the Ralph Lauren Advertisement and more just "FUN" videos of our breed.  Do you have or know of a video you think we should add? Please let us know.

We have listed the main health topics for Irish setters here and desire to educate our members and the public. We have listed symptoms, causes, treatment, and prevention methods where possible and available. 

"And the winner for Best of Breed is.......". AISC has done many things you can't find on other sites. Our "Winners" section celebrates the winners and the awards and trophies they receive.  In addition, ALL events now have a database where users can now search display and print the information they desire.  Would you like to see a list of all the BOB winners in the history of an event? Well you can. We aren't finished with data entry but we are working on it.

And what about breeders?  Breeders are extremely important members of this club.  Breeders are like the marines. They lead the troops in the battle to defeat the enemies. Enemies like hip dysplasia, thyroid, retinal and other health problems which have plagued our breed. AmericasIrishSetterClub.com is instituting a new certification for breeders who commit to proper breeding practices to promote the health of the Irish setter. The Ethical Breeding Certification will be awarded to those breeders who not only take an oath to follow the highest of breeding practices, but follow those practices.

We also want to help our breeders in their efforts to place puppies and adults into the best possible environment whether it be a show home or a companion home. Our breeders will have access to the site to post their litters and the puppies produced so users of the system can search for breeders with available puppies. No more does someone have to pick up the phone and start the process of finding a puppy. We are also implementing a "Breeder of the Month" award being created to celebrate our breeders. 

Looking for a specialty, field event? Our "Calendar" feature will help you do so. No longer do you have to find a page and squint your eyes to find what you want. Select the way you want to see the calendar and sort by the type of event you desire. NICE!

Is that all? HECK NO!  How about forums? Yep we added them. We have set up forums for breeding, grooming, the national, owner/handlers, health issues, rescue and judging. Communication is important and we hope these forums help you get the answers you want or allow you to make an important comment. The forums are moderated so your posts won't show up immediately. 

Looking for some great Irish treats? You will find them in the store. The store is a fabulous addition to the site. Get you membership, order a video, get a publication. Items in the store will grow now that it is there.  Please let us know if you know of something we should add. 

We believe a website should help the members and provide the information they need. One example is a list of links to all the show superintendents. Once again, we ask for your help to make this site better. Please let us know what you would like to see.

 What else? How about our digital magazine, "Celebrate the Irish"? Yes, we have a digital magazine. The magazine is available free of charge to all.  It costs a great deal to create and mail a paper magazine so we created a digital version. You can advertise for 1/3 the cost of other magazines.  

As you know other clubs mail judges a copy of their magazine. Judges are at shows, have family obligations, work and have other important things in their life to do and do not always have the time to look at these club magazines. They get put in a pile and never get looked at. With our digital magazine the judges can enjoy it on their phone or tablet while on their plane ride to their next Irish Setter judging assignment. Our digital magazine will gets far more exposure than a printed mailed copy offered by other clubs. Our hope also is that with articles in our digital magazine regarding structural problems and other issues in our breed that it will keep the judges up to date and remind them of what is correct and what is not as in stick straight fronts, long backs, exagerated rears and gay tails. The digital magazine will help our breed in many ways and it will give people wanting to celebrate their dogs big win a much more affordable way of doing so while reaching far more people.

And what about "Bragging Rights" yes we will have  them too. It will be a separate digital product. Want to brag a little? Do it in the "Luck of the Irish" digital magazine and you won't need a pot of gold to do it.

Well, that about sums it up. In closing we want to share our own version of an old Irish saying, Our hope for AmericasIrishSetterClub.com is to have the hindsight to know where we've been, the foresight to know where we are going, and the insight to know when we have gone too far.

Welcome to AmericasIrishSetterClub.com


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