The Ethical Breeder Certification (EBC) is awarded to America's Irish Setter Club Member Breeders who have taken the AISC Breeder Oath and also meet the requirements of the oath.

These requirements include:

  • Breeding for the Health, Temperament and the Breed Standard.

  • To constantly and consistently produce healthy dogs by not breeding dogs without health clearances.

  • To participate in the CHIC Program through OFA making health data available to all for the betterment of our breed.

  • To stand behind my breedings and any dog for any reason. 

  • To keep complete and accurate records for each puppy produced, immunizations given.

  • To keep a record including the contact information of the purchasers of all puppies sold by my kennel.

  • To require all purchasers of dogs from my kennel to submit the "Buyers Oath" as found on the AmericasIrishSetterClub.com website.

  • All puppies will be micro-chipped prior to placement in buyer's home.

America's Irish Setter Club Member Breeders are evaluated each year to make sure their kennel is in compliance. Those members who are found to not be in compliance will be placed in a "Non-Compliance" status for sixty (60) days and if at the end of that period they are not on compliance their membership will be terminated.

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